Saturday, November 15, 2014

Buddy Outings!

Oops! This should have posted weeks ago! Better late than never.

This year, we have an awesome new assistant principal who started a wonderful program - the buddy program! With the help of my amazing team leader, the AP has planned 3 outing for our kiddos and their teacher buddies.

I'm pretty lucky because I have TWO sweet, fun, extraordinary buddies this year!

Our first outing was to a farm way out somewhere - when I cross the Cook County line, I generally have no idea where I'm going.  Anyways, this farm had a corn maze, bouncy dome thingy (that's the technical term), gigantic corn pit, a petty zoo, hayrides, fire pit, and even a mechanical bull! It's probably a good thing for everyone that the mechanical bull was already closed by the time I made it over. That may not have ended well...

On our second outing we headed to UIC to watch a Flames soccer
game! It may have been a little cold, but with the help of the hot chocolate, pizza, and laughter, we survived.  Some of our buddies even ended up being the ball kids on the sidelines.  It was really awesome!

The next outing is coming up in about a week, but unfortunately, I won't be able to make it. I will be attending a Teaching Social Justice conference (blog post on that to come).  The rest if the buddies will be heading to the zoo to decorate a tree for our school.  I love the zoo and I have a slight case of Christmas envy, so I am especially bummed to miss out, but I think I have a legit excuse.

I'm really looking forward to other events throughout this year. I think this program gives kids an opportunity to connect to an adult in a more casual, friendly, warm way. I love my buddies!

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